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ThriveDX secures additional funding from Prytek, bringing total investment to more than $100M

ThriveDX secures additional funding from Prytek, bringing total investment to more than $100M

Multinational tech company Prytek has just announced an additional investment in Coral Gables-based EdTech company ThriveDX (formerly known as HackerU). While the exact amount of funding was not disclosed, ThriveDX reports that they have received upwards of $100 million from Prytek, including a $20 million funding round in 2018.

ThriveDX provides digital skills training to individuals and businesses. The global company focuses on closing the gap between the current workforce’s skills and the needs businesses have in a digital-first world.

 “Today we are answering one of the biggest problems the economy is facing, the digital transformation human challenge that every company is facing, by training learners and business leaders the digital skills necessary to stay abreast of the changing technological times,” Dan Vigdor, Founder and Executive Chairman of ThriveDX, said in a statement.

Courses from ThriveDX include cybersecurity, UI/UX design, data science & analytics, and digital marketing. ThriveDX develops and launches these courses in collaboration with corporations and prestigious academic institutions like the University of Miami, University of Michigan, and New York University.

Apart from the courses they have developed, ThriveDX offers a SaaS platform that specializes in upskilling companies’ cybersecurity prowess. Cybersecurity is top of mind for corporations worldwide, with around two thirds of major corporations signaling that they have experienced a 25% or more increase in cyber threats since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Cybersecurity is a particularly big story in South Florida tech. Refresh Miami reported in October that the Levan Center, a Davie-based innovation hub, has developed a cybersecurity training range to help companies respond to cyber threats.

On top of this SaaS platform, ThriveDX also has a consulting practice that advises businesses and public sector organizations on cyber and digital transformation programs. Their consulting clients include Toyota, KPMG, and Microsoft.

ThriveDX, which was founded in 2006, currently has more than 2,000 employees globally and serves tens of thousands of learners. This funding will build on Prytek’s first tranche of funding, which enabled ThriveDX to expand from its home base of Israel to the US and scale through strategic mergers and acquisitions activity. Now, ThriveDX has its sights set on expanding to Europe and Asia, as well as continuing to develop its business in the US.

“We are grateful for Prytek’s expression of trust. Since Prytek’s first investment about three years ago, the company has changed its face beyond recognition,” ThriveDX’s founder and CEO, Gil Adani, said in a statement. “As a result of the collaboration and support, the company has developed rapidly and has been able to successfully penetrate the international markets.”

Arnon Shiboleth, co-CEO of Prytek and a director at ThriveDX, highlighted ThriveDX’s unique model and global footprint as the key factors driving their growth. “Prytek recognized [ThriveDX’s] capabilities back in 2018, when it was a local company starting to expand globally,” he commented. “Since then, we have had the honor of working closely with management and supporting its exponential growth and global success.”


Riley Kaminer