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TheVentureCity teams up with Google to host Latin America-focused LaunchPad accelerator

TheVentureCity teams up with Google to host Latin America-focused LaunchPad accelerator


TheVentureCity is hosting the final week of Google’s startup acceleration program, Launchpad, a 10-week immersion that began in Mexico, continued in Argentina, and concludes in South Florida.

The aim of the program: to connect startups with dedicated support to grow their businesses.

The nine startups in the Launchpad program are meeting with startups in TheVentureCity’s own Growth program, giving them the opportunity for them to share experiences and grow their networks. TheVentureCity has invited Arca Ventures from Mexico, QED, and other VCs and family offices from around the U.S., Europe and Latin America as an added benefit for startups on both programs. The program is also offering sessions by TheVentureCity’s Chief Growth Officer Katya Skorobogatova and data scientist David Smith on growth tactics.

Startups in the Launchpad Accelerator come from across Latin America, including Argentina, México, Colombia, Chile and El Salvador. The companies graduating this week are: 123Seguro, Al Turing, Apli, DevF, Hugo, Jetty, Jüsto, Odd Industries and TransparentBusiness.

The participating companies from TheVentureCity: Qempo, Cajero, ComigoSaude, Digital Innovation One, TheFastMind, eMasters, Alba, 1Doc3, Stayfilm and Erudit.

“This initiative consolidates Miami as an epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurship by bringing together companies that think beyond borders. We believe that talent is evenly distributed around the world, but opportunities are unequal,” said Laura González-Estéfani, CEO and founder of TheVentureCity, in a statement.

Last March, TheVentureCity and Google hosted the first-ever Google Developers Launchpad Start, a one-week version of the accelerator program, in Miami.

These two programs are part of bigger plans to bet on Miami Tech startups together, said Rosa Jiménez Cano, chief of Ecosystem Relations for TheVentureCity. Stay tuned.

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