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Miami blockchain fintech Securitize joins global Endeavor network

Miami blockchain fintech Securitize joins global Endeavor network

Endeavor, the global organization that supports High-Impact Entrepreneurs, has selected Securitize founders Carlos Domingo and Jamie Finn to join its network. Securitize, a blockchain fintech, joins Endeavor Miami’s growing portfolio of 31 scaling Florida-based companies and 50 entrepreneurs.

 “We are excited to support Securitize as they continue to pave the path to provide access for investors to invest in private market digital asset securities. I believe they will  become an inspiration for future generations of entrepreneurs,” said Claudia Duran, Managing Director of Endeavor Miami, in a statement.

Securitize believes traditional financial services are inefficient, insecure and costly, By verifying investors and issuing shares digitally, and recording share ownership and history on blockchain, Securitize aims to reduce barriers to access private markets.

 “We saw something broken in the private capital markets, and that  presented Jamie and I with a ripe opportunity to disrupt. With the partnership of an incredible group of investors, team-members, and advisors, in four short years we have built Securitize into a leading digital asset securities firm with a global footprint, 200+ clients and nearly 400,000 investors,” said Domingo (pictured above), CEO of Securitize and founder of SPiCE VC. Previously he was an executive with Telefonica.

Founded in November 2017 and revenue generating since early 2018, Securitize is the leading digital asset securities firm reinventing private capital markets with a trusted end-to-end solution leveraging the blockchain to empower companies to compliantly raise capital and enable individual investors to participate.

In June, Securitize announced it raised $48 million Series B round,  co-led by Morgan Stanley and Blockchain Capital. Securitize also recently launched of an asset management subsidiary, Securitize Capital, and two inaugural cryptocurrency yield funds. Securitize is also now launching Securitize Markets, its alternative trading system.

Securitize’s momentum is further validation of  Miami’s rise as a blockchain and crypto hub aggressively pushed by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. There has been a slew of news developments in the last month in addition to Securitize’s large funding round, including crypocurrency platforms and eToro and VC firm Borderless Capital  announcing relocations or expansions to Miami. FTX won naming rights to Miami’s arena and is also opening an office. Miami blockchain startup QuickNode raised seed funding from Alexis Ohanian and SoftBank, and Miami recently hosted the Bitcoin 2021 Conference, drawing 12,000 — and Jack Dorsey.

“This year has been a tipping point for demonstrating the impact blockchain will have on finance. Major financial institutions, investors and companies are adopting blockchain, and what we do at Securitize, with increasing speed. This year has also been a tipping point for us,” said Finn, president of Securitize who previously worked at AT&T, Telefonica and other companies. “Carlos and I are very proud to be accepted by this [Endeavor] community of business leaders and look forward to the collaboration ahead.”

Jamie Finn, Securitize President

Endeavor Entrepreneurs are chosen during selection panel interviews by top-tier global business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, and receive mentorship, resources and access to networks. Endeavor Miami, Endeavor’s first U.S. affiliate,  launched in September 2013 with Knight Foundation support. Endeavor Miami’s entrepreneurs generated nearly $340 million in revenues and over 3,000 jobs in South Florida in 2020.

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