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Look who’s pitching at Florida Early Stage Capital Conference next week  

Look who’s pitching at Florida Early Stage Capital Conference next week  

The Florida Venture Forum has selected 19 presenting companies to present at its 15th annual Florida Early Stage Capital Conference in Tampa Oct. 11-12.  The presenting companies were selected from a pool of 150 applications by a board of investors, the Forum said.

The conference will be conducted concurrently with the 13th annual 2022 Statewide Collegiate Startup Competition, attracting the “best of the best” in collegiate competitors from 11 of Florida’s leading innovation-focused colleges and universities. 

Presenting companies will be considered for cash awards totaling $100,000, distributed between early stage and collegiate startup stage companies, provided by Space Florida. The nine presenting startups from South Florida are … (descriptions provided by Florida Venture Forum, the state’s largest support organization for investors and entrepreneurs):

Abilitare, Jupiter:  The company’s mission is to improve quality of life for the disabled community, Abilitare gives people the freedom to do! Abilitare started with empowering the hand disabled community by helping them access computer and phones regardless of physical limitation and hence have opened doors to employment, education and independence in communication. Abilitare is now expanding to help the speech disabled community by giving them their voice back and unlocking their thoughts. Abilitare’s speech generation device – “Abili Speak” allows users to communicate and interact with people and environment around them.

CERA Software, Davie: CERA-Critical Event Response Applications is a visual response platform for Public Safety to move quickly in crisis, command personnel from multiple agencies, and apply rapid reporting to meet objectives to save lives. They are solving the chaos. CERA is designed by First Responders for the boots on the ground.
EVQLV, Surfside: The company uses machine learning to replicate how the immune system generates antibodies and they digitally transform the failure-prone process of converting an antibody into a drug. The result is an incredibly scalable technology that produces high quality antibodies at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. In the lab, their AI-designed antibodies have already shown a success rate more than 10,000 times better than conventional antibody discovery.
Flo-Ops, Boca Raton: The company features a student assistant app that merges the academic and nonacademic community to improve student engagement and outcome.
Intelligent Observation, Miami: The company helps healthcare facilities reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and their associated costs. Their patented, hand hygiene monitoring system provides facilities with an accurate and cost effective way to monitor and improve hand hygiene compliance and reduce infections and associated costs.
Modern Trials, Miami: The company partners with healthcare organizations and leverages electronic healthcare data to identify patients in need of advanced treatment options, and match them with appropriate clinical trial opportunities in a patient-first and HIPAA-compliant manner. Warm handoffs are used to refer qualifying patients to contract research organizations for trial enrollment on a subscription + fee-for-service basis and ongoing support is provided to patients through trial participation. In doing so, Modern Trials extends the ability of healthcare organizations and physicians to offer the most cutting-edge treatments available, and life science organizations fill their clinical trials with more representative samples faster, reducing time-to-market for new therapeutics.
MRGN, Pembroke Pines: The company is the business intelligence platform for small businesses, serving as a crystal ball into their finances and operations, and helping them mitigate future risks by leveraging big data and Machine Learning.
Nebulai, Miami: The company is the first Decentralized Solutions & Talent Marketplace in the world allowing companies to simplify and disintermediate the technology contracting of solutions and talent.

See all the presenting companies from around the state and beyond here.
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