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Hey, Luke and Leia, make room for Mickey and Minnie in the Cryptoyverse!

Hey, Luke and Leia, make room for Mickey and Minnie in the Cryptoyverse!

Disney fans young and old, hear this: Next month, Cryptoys, the innovative platform that enables fans of all ages to collect digital toys, will release a new series of toys featuring Mickey and Friends. OnChain Studios, the Miami-based web3 startup behind Cryptoys, made the announcement this week.

“Mickey and Friends are the most beloved, recognized characters in the world. It’s an honor for us to work with Disney in bringing these cherished friends to life as digital collectibles with unique designs, With Cryptoys, we’re giving fans of all ages a new opportunity to enjoy some of their favorite Mickey and Friends characters,” said Will Weinraub, CEO and co-founder of OnChain Studios.

This new line of digital toys will feature Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto and will sell for $39.99 each.  Each toy comes with an accessory; Mickey sports a fishing pole, Minnie carries a watering can and Pluto won’t leave home without his bone.

The 15-piece collection will include skin designs that vary across Common, Rare, Legendary, Grail and Ultra Grail rarity levels. Collectors can earn a Grail or Ultra Grail Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey if they collect all 12 Common through Grail rarities or all 15 rarities including Ultra Grails by Nov. 30, 2023.

Once a Mickey and Friends blind pack cube is opened on the Cryptoys platform, the experience begins with a 2D Toontown-inspired pencil drawing backdrop that transforms into an exciting, immersive 3D environment. As the cube animates and unboxes, fans will discover which blister-packed version of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse or Pluto they’ve just added to their collection. 

It has been a announcement-filled year for OnChain Studios, with a mission to reimagine the future of play. This news follows Cryptoys’ announcement earlier this month that it will be growing its universe of Disney’s Star Wars collectibles that now features Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia toys. The platform announced that it will airdrop limited-edition Yoda toys to set holders of its Star Wars Vol. 1 line. In May, Cryptoys announced the Disney partnership for its Star Wars brand.

The big news drops started last summer, when Cryptoys announced a partnership with toy giant Mattel — also an investor in OnChain Studios — and has dropped Masters of the Universe NFTs in several waves on the Flow blockchain.

Cryptoys also has been releasing its own line of digital toys to play in the Cryptoyverse: the Zoo-F-O Escape, with the lovable Juno the panda, Alphie the corgi, and Comet, the cat.

Weinraub co-founded the company with CTO Emilio Cueto, CXO Alfonso Martinez, CCO Freddy Oropeza and COO Jhonathan Torres and now OnChain Studios employs more than 60 people. The idea for Cryptoys was inspired by Weinraub’s daughter and he began working on digital toys as a side project to show her what it was like to build software and to expose her to entrepreneurship. “Our goal is to build the world’s premier digital toy company and to spread joy and happiness and connection throughout our customers’ lives,” Weinraub said in an earlier interview.

Last year, OnChain Studios raised a $23 million Series A round led by a16z, with participation from Dapper Labs, Draper & Associates, Acrew Capital, CoinFund, Animoca Brands, Sound Ventures, and Mattel.


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