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Digibee lands $25M Series A to bolster global expansion efforts

Digibee lands $25M Series A to bolster global expansion efforts

Weston-based low code integration platform Digibee has just announced a $25 million Series A fundraise led by SoftBank Latin America Fund. Kinea and G2D Investments also participated in the round.

Hailing from Brazil, Digibee first expanded to the US in Summer 2020, fresh off a $5 million funding round from South Florida investors. With this new tranche of funding, Digibee plans to further grow its customer base in the US and Latin America.

“We are thrilled to see that the investment community believes in our mission to make our customers and our customers’ customers unstoppable,” co-founder and CEO Rodrigo Bernardinelli said in a statement.

“We are helping global enterprises on their digital journey, so they can grow and scale without economically prohibitive upfront costs while empowering their talent to focus on driving their business forward,” Bernardinelli continued. “We look forward to reaching the world’s most innovative companies in the US and globally.”

Bernardinelli, Vitor Sousa, and Peter Kreslins Junior co-founded Digibee in 2017 (pictured above). The startup has been riding the digital transformation wave, helping companies bring their legacy systems into the 21st century. According to the company, more than 250 corporations rely on Digibee’s iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) system, including some major global names like management consulting firm Accenture and French retailer Carrefour.

“The company tackles a cost line – integrations – that accounts for over 50% of software spend, enabling organizations to connect their systems to turn the digital transformation into reality” said Rodrigo Baer, Managing Partner of early-stage investments at SoftBank Latin America Fund. “The company is building a world class salesforce to take that solution to market, which will turn their product into a really global player.”

The tech landscape for corporations is increasingly complex, as digitization pushes paper processes online. Digibee streamlines the integration of the many systems making up a company’s IT architecture. Digibees’ tech flows run in a cloud architecture, helping to ensure both heightened security and constant availability. 

Digibee sets itself apart by enabling companies to not only create integrations without the need for coding acumen, but also to turn them into reusable business logic. The startup’s “Capsules” feature enables companies to create packs of common integrations to share across organizations.

More broadly, the VC market for low-code integration platforms is very active. Analysts report that the industry garnered five times the amount of VC dollars in 2021 compared to 2020. Some notable deals include a $150 million raise from OutSystems, a $45 million Series B for Genesis, and Integromat’s $100 million+ acquisition by Celonis.


Riley Kaminer