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7 South Florida startups to compete for $100K at Aerospace Innovation & Tech Forum  

7 South Florida startups to compete for $100K at Aerospace Innovation & Tech Forum  


The Florida Venture Forum has selected 20 companies to present at the Aerospace Innovation & Tech Forum via webinar series on May 22 and May 29, with prize money award announcements on June 5. This will be the third annual aerospace-focused event the Forum has hosted in partnership with Space Florida.

In addition to virtual company presentations and other informational content, the Aerospace Innovation & Tech Forum will provide a total of $100,000 in cash awards presented to three winning companies, courtesy of Space Florida. 

The series, free to attend, will take place in three segments: company presentations will be featured on May 22 and May 29, and a final event will take place on June 5 to announce the winning companies.  Register for the Zoom webinar using this link.

Presenting companies were selected by a committee of venture investors and will present via webinar to an audience of investors, other deal professionals and aerospace industry leaders. The first place company will receive $40,000, and 2 runner-up prizes of $20,000 will be awarded. All selected presenter companies will be awarded $1,000 each, the Florida Venture Forum said.

The 7 South Florida-based companies selected are:

Aerosens, Hollywood: The Aerosens Cabin Management Solution is a cloud based platform able to maximize aircraft cabin security and increase efficiency for airlines while reducing costs; using Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and the everyday smartphone or tablet. (See #MiamiTech Startup Spotlight here.)

BetaBlocks, Miami, is a technology company customizing, building & deploying permissioned blockchain networks for enterprises. In addition to their blockchain labs, Betablocks created Chambray: a web-based, cloud-agnostic, and turnkey BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) solution to customize, build, deploy & manage permissioned blockchain networks for enterprises.

Coflow Jet, Cutler Bay: The company is committed to develop vertical takeoff/landing (VTOL) and short takeoff/landing (STOL) aircraft for urban air transportation, short haul cargo, thin haul passenger airliners, and Martian aerial vehicle power with nuclear fission. CFJ airfoil is a fundamental technology for all aircraft. Their aim is to transform the aviation industry to benefit the society. 

Flying Robot Corporation, Plantation, is developing a software/hardware platform that uses drones to inspect aircraft. Their proprietary platform can perform inspections at 10 times the speed at 1/10 the cost compared to traditional methods.

 InfraSite Solutions, West Palm Beach, is a HAAS (hardware-as-a-service) and SAAS (software-as-a-service) technology company that has developed a unique patented underground enclosure. Originally made for telecom infrastructure, the enclosure is gaining traction in other industries: – 4G / 5G Telecommunications, Edge Cloud Compute Infrastructure -Public Safety and Smart Traffic – Digital Transformation, Smart City – Renewable Energy, Industrial and Military.

PQSecure Technologies, Boca Raton, develops cryptographic solutions to make widely used embedded devices such as connected Internet of Things (IoT) secure against attacks today and the future, when large scale quantum computers are available. Founded in 2017, PQSecure™ has won an NSF SBIR Phase I&II grant which has led to two patents and a successful prototype.

Xennial Digital, Miami, the company designs, develops and implements Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for education and enterprise training. Their products include: Virtual Reality Training Platform for Aircraft Technicians, including: – Secure Content Delivery Portal, Six Aircraft Technician Training Programs and Real-Time User Performance Tracking Portal.

In addition, 7 Central Florida companies were selected: Agriculture Intelligence of Gainesville, Arralis Technologies of Daytona Beach, BrandXR of Orlando, Capacitech Energy of Orlando, Miles Space of Tampa, SegAna of  Orlando and SpacePharma of Exploration Park. Six other companies were selected: 3 from other states, 2 from the UK and one from Spain.

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